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MHR Consulting is a small company which offers flexibility, experience and pragmatism combined with strong methodology.


Nothing happens without enthousiasm but nothing stands without method.

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Specialized in change management, MHR Consulting helps companies to evolve from a given - to be assessed - situation to another with  greater - to be agreed on - added value. 





  • Methodology


Any intervention of MHR Consulting follows a 5 step method :

   - listen

   - observe

   - challenge

   - propose

   - accompany


This allows the consultant to pass the relay to the client during the process and not at the end : the client  is in the driving seat.





  • Time horizon


Any change management intervention needs to reconcile the I.Q. with the E.Q. of the involved parties.

Such intervention passes thru 5 successive steps going from "No" to "Let's go". The management of those steps requires empathy and rigor.


Depending on the size of the project a 6 months time horizon is a minimum.





  • Practically 


A change management intervention needs full and strong support from the CEO of he company (because of the strategic impact of it) but also from the middle management (because they those who are going to do it)



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